Best Chromebox to buy – The Asus Chromebox 3

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I think it looks pretty slick. This could replace my Chromecast for my TV…

Hey @Mistershipwreck I was considering getting a Chromebook or something similar or an old phone to use as sort of a Media device. Ie, install all my streaming apps on it, the Spectrum app maybe, NHL, MLB etc and have that as a dedicated device to control media streaming for my TV’s

Have you seen anyone or any articles that outline a good setup like this? I’ve been using my PS4 but not all apps are available and I cannot control it with my voice via assistant. I don’t know if a laptop > chromecast, a dedicated device hooked to my TV (like this thing), or a phone > chromecast would be best.


My Asus Chromebox 3 was my 1st Chrome device. I liked it so much that I later bought two Chromebooks (1 is a normal Chrome laptop and 1 is actually a Chrome tablet - like a Microsoft Surface).

It’s pretty cool to have an entire computer that is the size of 4 or 5 CD cases…

I have a VGA monitor hooked to the ASUS Chromebox (I use a conversion of a USB Type C to VGA adapter). Then, I also have it hooked to the tv via a 25ft HDMI cable.

I cannot stream all of my content because I only am allowed 250GB of bandwidth every month (I have Dish Network for most of my tv needs). But, I watch all my NHL hockey games online using my ASUS Chromebox 3 (each game is around 6 GB towards the bandwidth cap). I also have a few free video apps - like Tubi, the HGTV android app, Sony Crackle, the NBC android app and a few others.

I usually watch The Rookie straight from the ABC website (a few days after it airs) - using the Chromebox hooked to the tv. I used to watch Agents of Shield the same way.

Downstairs, I have my Dell Chromebook hooked to a tv the same way - via a 25ft HDMI cable. I spend most of my time upstairs, so the Chromebox gets much more use.

Via a combination of android apps, chrome extensions, and content websites - the Chromebox works great. I found that on Hulu - it works better to just use the website. The android app seems to have copy protection built into it - and I could only watch it on the chromebook’s monitor - it won’t project via HDMI. So, that is why I used the Hulu website.

What is cool is that you can use the TV as a 2nd monitor. Stream what you want, and still use the “normal monitor” to browse the net or do whatever else ya want…

I think it works great as a media device. When I read reviews prior to buying it - I see many people do this. There is even a mount included that you can attach it to the back of a monitor/tv - if you want it out of sight for such an arrangement.

That is exactly what I was thinking, mount it to the back of the TV and keep a wireless keyboard/mouse on the couch. This seems like a pretty sweet setup. Thanks for the advice!

Except I need a new phone AND I want to buy a Chromebox now. When will it ever end?

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It never ends. Leo got me hooked on the Chrome devices… I ended up with 3 in just 3 months time.

I actually would not have bought my Dell Chromebook if I had discovered that HP Chromebook X2 tablet 1st. I didn’t know it existed until after I got the 1st Chromebook. But when I saw it was a tablet that functioned like a full Chrome PC, I knew I had to have it. I like that it has the full version of the Chrome browser,instead of the Android version.

Then, I got my last Smartphone because of him too.

So, no… It never ends…



Just be aware that there are some android apps that will install on a Chromebook, and not a Chromebox. I guess because of the lack of a touch screen.

But, some android apps only install on certain Chromebooks. Like, the Amazon Prime app will only install on 1 of my 2 Chromebooks, and not on the Chromebox. So, sometimes ya have to play around with the website or the Chrome extension… It just depends on what it is.