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It seems I already joined a little while back, I must have been busy. Only realized it when I was trying to join now. Glad to be here, TWiT is one of my favorite podcasts even though most are from Twit as well.


I know I am late to the party, but I wanted to congratulate the team to this community (both the people and the platform): very well done, very interesting place - a place I like to visit, read, and contribute to. :slight_smile:


Welcome! :smiley: < >

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I’m digging the forum so far. There are a couple of TWIT shows that are my go to again.


Hello everyone. I’ve been listening to “Security Now” since at least 2010. Though I’ve know of Steve Gibson for years before that.

Now I’m listening, and occasionally watching Security Now, TWIT, TWIG, and AAA. I probably found out about TWIT during a look through the grc.com website.

I retired from a TV station after 35 years working in technical maintenance. Looking back, I’ve seen technology changes from News being shot on 16mm film, to being recorded on solid-state memory cards. From electronic cameras requiring 2 if not 4 people to carry them, to a camera you can hold with one hand. The electronic editing system in use when I started, used a 4004 microprocessor, and controlled 2 Ampex 2 inch reel to reel tape machines.

My first computer used a Z80, and I built it from scratch using wirewrap and a functional I based on a typical block diagram for that kind of processor. Then hand assembled the code that I used to run it. From there, I had a TRS-80 Model 1 clone, various Atari ST/TT computers, to finally getting into Intel and MS windows. Thought if I’m not playing a game, I’ve been using Linux from one distribution or another, for maybe 2 decades.

I’ve found these podcasts very informative, including their advertisements. Don’t know what I’d have done without LastPass over the last decade. I even paid for a separate one for use at work. I shave with Harry’s, and develop on a LAMP server running on a Digital Ocean droplet.

I’m an Audible member, because your ad finally pushed me off the fence. Better yet I’ve enjoyed the game and Sci-Fi choices on Steve’s list. IE the Ryk Brown “The Frontiers Saga”.

So yes, the ads in your podcast work.


Really like where you’re coming from.

Thanks for making this community. This is great. I wonder if discourse can be used by anyone to easily build communities. I’m excited


Yeah Discourse is excellent forum software - and I’ve tried many of them over the years. Steve Gibson likes Zenforo, so that’s worth looking at, too.

We use a hosted Discourse service from https://discourse.org.


If you’re technically inclined, there’s less expensive ways (and many tutorials) on setting up Discourse on Digital Ocean for example. I chose a simpler and slightly more expensive (about $20/mo) route using communiteq.com. It was very easy to set up, and they have very good customer support. There are limits based on the plan, though. It felt like the setting up a SquareSpace site vs Wordpress approach. Worth it if you just want to kick the tires.

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I started listening to various TWiT podcasts about 12 years ago when I was in college, starting with Windows Weekly, as I was already a big reader of @thurrott’s WinSuperSite. Really enjoyed following the network, and bought a brick upon the move to the Brickhouse. I admittedly fell away as commuting habits changed and just as life was reshaping itself going into adulthood. I’m back now, and happy to have TWiT, Windows Weekly, and MacBreak Weekly included in my podcast subscriptions yet again. :slight_smile:


Welcome back! We’ll always be here for you!

Lately, every time Leo speaks to Johnny Jet and talks about going back into the world because he has had his vaccination, I worry he may not “always be here for” us. Some of us will really be lost without hearing the dulcet tones of his voice each week. Sometimes vaccine testing results don’t tell the whole story.

You’re going to need to explain yourself here. There are no guarantees in life it’s true and no vaccine is 100% in every case. On the other hand, the two MRNA vaccines have been found to be 100% effective at preventing hospitalizations with life threatening complications. (Which means no one has been admitted to ICU with covid after their 2 weeks after their second vaccine shot.) Those are certainly fair odds for anyone wanting to come out of seclusion and maybe live their life a little (especially those already on the less favourable side of “the future” where there are less days ahead than behind.) For now, until we hear otherwise and as we wait for the hoped for herd immunity, it’s still advisable for everyone (including the vaccinated) to take the known precautions: washing hands, wearing masks, distancing etc.

I honestly don’t know how to answer your reply. I certainly am not an expert at anything to do with the pandemic or vaccines. There have been many incorrect reactions to controlling the spread, and as we have seen recently, unexpected results from some of the vaccines in use. And I don’t believe those are the only problems we will see before this is truly under control. And, it certainly is not my place to tell anyone how they should live their life. I literally just wanted to say I don’t want to hear that Leo is the one who proves the statistics to be wrong.

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Look I could get hit by a bus at any time. Easily the most risky thing most of us do every day is get in a car and drive.

I’m pretty prudent and avoid unnecessary risks. With any luck I’ll be here to bug you for many more years to come. But at least now one thing’s for sure, Covid-19 ain’t gonna get me.

Of course, there are plenty of things that could at any time. Now you’ll have to excuse me, I have to get up on a ladder to clean the gutters.


Just read a story in NY Times saying 2/5 of Republicans will not take vaccine. That leaves a lot of chances for mutations.

At 67 years old 4 years ago, laughed when wheelie bin rolled out from under me compressing garden clippings. “That won’t happen again if I hold onto this post”. Emergency room 2 days later after I didn’t laugh the second time and couldn’t get out of bed.
Very embarrassing when the Dr who looked about 17 told me I had hip joints “about the level expected for someone who has lived 70 years”.

Relevant article just posted on Ars Technica. I hadn’t considered the possibility of a bunch of people getting “poorly vaccinated” because of mishandling of the vaccine… that one is a yikes!

Interesting article. I can see you are a “glass half full” person.
I focused on this paragraph:
“The extraordinary calculation that 99.992 percent of vaccinated people have not contracted the virus may reflect that they all simply have not been exposed to the virus since being vaccinated. Also, there are likely cases missed in reporting. Still, the data is a heartening sign.”
“Glass half empty”?