Weird message from Samsung

I got this on my LTE connected Samsung tablet. Just a message ‘1’.

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Yeah I got this on my Samsung phone this morning, wasn’t to worried about it but good to know.

Thanks for posting this to let everyone know.

I was wondering about that as well. Good to know it was the glitch I thought it might be.

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Same here. Honestly, I have tried really hard to put on my tinfoil hat over this - and I am still suspecting there is a way to get outraged here. But I can’t find an angle. The only semi-critical perspective I can find is that I have this feature turned off and it seemingly still works. But then again, it did show evidence that it tracked me, just that the internal message service works. Pulling the hat closer again: what exactly were they testing and why does it also reach people with that service turned off? :dizzy_face: Wait - there is no tinfoil hat emoji? What have the emoji people been doing all these years? It must be a conspi…

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I saw it too this morning. Some of the Samsung apps updated last night, so I was assuming this was the cause of it on my phone. Strange…

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Samsung explains mystery alert sent overnight

However it does seem that the panic has unearthed a data-breach in the Samsung site !