WW 845: My NAS is Out of Date

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I believe @Leo mentioned his disappointment at not being able to run Starfield on Linux. I stumbled across this thread over on the Framework laptop forums, this guy has Starfield running on Ultra presets with an eGPU on his Framework 13 inch laptop - on Ubuntu with Proton!

The eGPU part is impressive enough, but Proton continues to amaze me. Valve really gave us all a gift there. I’d be curious if you can get Starfield going on your Linux rig. Run something other than Valheim for a bit :rofl:

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I played every Elder Scrolls game from Bethesda since Morrowind on the Xbox. That game had an unusually long loading time when you walked into different zones, but it was very intermittent. It turned out that the game encountered a memory leak when loading, so what did a young studio do? Well, it turned out that you could reboot the Xbox while the screen still showed the loading screen image, giving the illusion that the area was still loading.

So it is with love for the old Bethesda that I say, maybe just wait for all the bugs to be found after original launch. :blush:

In the meantime, I’ve been enjoying No Man’s Sky as a thematically appropriate game. It is similar to Valheim in some respects, and also runs very well in proton. I stream it over Wi-Fi from my Linux desktop upstairs to my Framework 13 Ubuntu downstairs with Sunshine and Moonlight.

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Not completely de-rail the thread, but how do you like your Framework? I have the 13" AMD model on order, hoping they’ll ship it by the end of the month.

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I can’t say enough good about it. In my view, they completely delivered. I got a first generation device for my wife and set it up with Ubuntu for her. After setting up hibernation, her experience is super positive. She raves about battery life.

I later got a second generation for myself. I love this machine, the screen is beautiful and the swappable ports have been useful on more than one occasion. It is a very sleek machine.

I’m jealous of your AMD machine. I bet battery life will be even better under load!

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I’m hoping the latest Nvidia patch will make it possible to play StarField on my Linux box. I’m also hoping the latest Bethesda patch will fix my hard crash on Xbox! I think I have a bad save but I can’t get past it.

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