List of required subdomains for TWiT?

On rare occasion in recent months I’ve noticed problems downloading some of the podcasts from the network. Long story short, my Pi-Hole was blocking the domains being used to serve up the episodes. It’s frustrating to not have these episodes queued up and ready to go in the morning, so I’d like to get the necessary subdomains whitelisted.

@Leo can you and the staff set up a support doc somewhere listing the domains we’ll need to whitelist? Is it possible you can set up CNAMEs so that I’m only whitelisting you and not everyone using these services?


@Leo noted on the TWIG 539 thread that one of their providers got accidentally blacklisted (I think it was chartable):

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This is good, but it’d be great if we got the specific subdomains. I already have Megaphone’s subdomain whitelisted for a different podcast network, you don’t have to allow the entire domain though.

I know I’m nitpicking. I just want to let through only what I have to for TWiT to work.

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Our specific Chartable URL contains

Our Podsights redirect (which is the same for every Podsights client) is

Megaphone (also the same for all Megaphone clients) is

…and our own redirect is that redirects to


Wonderful, thank you!

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