STT 5: Hearables: AirPods Pro & Echo Buds

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Mikah’s point about spoofing voice being a major privacy (not to mention security) hole deserves serious attention. I would appreciate their returning to the topic. I was disappointed with Matthew’s dismissal on the grounds that it’s a challenge for any voice platform. I mean, obviously; and that makes it therefore irrelevant, somehow? That’s not the caliber of thinking I come to TWiT for.


Matthew you mentioned interactive shortcuts. I’ve been working on a Siri Short Cut for my HomePod where it asks if I want to keep a certain lamp on. I use a Choose Menu routine Yes or No. Siri always reads me the menu options, is there a way to have Siri read the options back to me and just let me say Yes or No?

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@mikahsargent In this Episode you talked about how some tv manufacturers get the price of their smart TVs down by capturing what you’re watching and store it to their servers, etc. Is it possible to detect if a smart TV does this? I’m sure companies don’t put it on the box, so when buying a TV how do you know if it’s a good deal or just a scam? Is there like a list or something?

Also, assuming you have found out your smart TV you already have does this, can it be disabled or blocked?

I had no idea this feature existed and a few of my family members have recently been telling me about how they got this great deal on a TV. I would love to be able to check if their TV does that and be able to disable it for them.

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Totally down with the Alexa/IFTTT/Hue foul ups. To this day my porch light stays on, and when turned off by voice, comes on soon afterwards.

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