Using Discourse app in combination with Web site SQRL login

Hey everyone, I am using the website with a SQRL login which means I do not have a traditional username and password.
I would also like to use Discord app on my phone, but the app expects a username and password.

Has anyone done this before? Do I need to disable SQRL login in order to use the app?

Is there any reason why you can’t have both kinds of login (SQRL and a username and password) on the same account? It’s not optimal, and less secure, but hey, one does what one has to do. It would require you to disable the “SQRL Only” flag though, which unfortunately, due to the statelessness of Steve’s client applies everywhere.

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I do not know, I find sing SQRL login convenient and I would not like to switch to a typical username/password. I will try it at some point to see what happens, I just wondered if anyone else has done it.

I didn’t say you needed to switch. You CAN have both.

Does the website or desktop app support SQRL ?
If so then you will simply have to wait for the mobile app to have support added.

The website supports SQRL, that is how i use it.

OK, I will try cheers.

Hey everyone here is an update for this. It turns out I was wrong and the mobile app redirects to the website for the authentication and authorization so you can use sqrl with the app as well.

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Okay, good to know that it works for you. Maybe it uses the login to generate an access token (aka a cookie.)