SQRL Sign up and Login QR Code doesn't work

I keep getting a error message that says “Incorrect QR code, try again” when I try to signup or login with SQRL.

What has happened to @josecgomez? He’s the author of the code that is on sqrloauth and so far as I know it’s not open source, so only he can fix it…? Right now it seems like abandonware…

So sorry didn’t notice it was down. Had some server issues a few weeks ago and I guess it went down

I’ll get it spun back up in the morning

Looks like an expired password :grimacing:

I’ll also get some monitoring on it


Apologies for the delay this has been restored now. Let me know if you run into any issues.

The signup still doesn’t work… I don’t think it has worked in many months. Any plans to investigate?

Sure thing I’ll take a look didn’t know it was broken,

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