I wish this was XenForo so it could use SQRL

I had grief trying to sign up because of the password requirements. I then gave in and generated a password using LastPass, which due to a bug in it, it promptly lost, so I had to go through the password reset. (Hey good news, that worked fine. :wink: )

I really wish this were a XenForo forum so that you could be using SQRL identities and I wouldn’t have had the password grief at all.

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We’ll definitely look into adding SQRL.

It would help immensely if someone were to write a plug-in for Discourse. Hint hint! :laughing:

I bet if Steve asked some of the developers over in his forums, it’d get done pretty quickly.

There are plenty of them there TBH, but that doesn’t help with site adoption. Sites need to change their site design to afford its usage… there is more to it than just plug and play.

Edit: I am a developer who has developed some of his own partial SQRL implementations, but paused and moved on when I realized it was way too early… they were still arguing over details at that point. Since then it has reached an official 1.0 and I am now waiting to see if anyone of consequence makes a move toward adoption.

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