Useless Poll of the Day: How many email addresses do you have?

Some of us are stricken with tons of email addresses we’ve accumulated over the years… How many do you guys have?

  • 1
  • 2-3
  • 4-6
  • 7-10
  • 11-15
  • 16 or more

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I initially went with 4 - 6 but thinking through it it’s way more than that.

  • Current main
  • 4 - 5 aliases of that. I write game guides and often need to make multiple accounts to test things which requires a bunch of addresses
  • A ‘junk’ alias I use when I think whatever I’m signing up for is going to spam me
  • An old one from when I was a kid (and thought it was cool to sp311 l1k3 th15)
  • Current work
  • Current side project
  • Like 10 from old side projects
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Ones I use regularly: 3
Total: 8 (Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud are only used for the relevant services or for signing up to sites where I expect a lot of spam, my main accounts are used for “real” email).

One for work, one for personal, one for junk/garbage/web forms.

One for every girlfriend I have/had :slight_smile:


16 or more??? Are you kidding me??? :crazy_face:

I have a catch-all for a domain. I always use the company’s name so I can tell when there is a breach or the company sold my email. Harder to unsubscribe to mailing lists, but easier to block an address that ‘got away’. So I have way more than 16 email addresses :slight_smile:

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Yeah, I’ve thought about doing that as well. At the moment the catchall for my domain is just ignored.

I have a personal work email address. A shared work email address (all supervisors monitor our dispatch email) I have two personal gmail. (created one when I was like 10, mostly spam but sitll have a tumbler attached to it) (second one is one I created to network with the burn survivor community) I have my personal domain which has numerous aliases. (Billing, Church, work, info (for my domain webform), contact(spam catcher), and admin(for email related to my domain) I also have a yahoo from the ISP and an icloud email(can’t recall why I set that up) So I got a number of email addresses but by far the most checked is the one with aliases on my domain. I have so many filters attached to it that I rarely spend time sorting though the useless junk anymore.

I just have 1 for work & 1 for personal.

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Infinite. I own a domain and give every company and web site a different e-mail address. When I start getting spam from one of them, I shut it down…and know who is to blame. It’s sometimes weird when I stay at a hotel and tell them my e-mail is “marriott@”, but maybe they’ll assume I’m some sort of secret shopper. :slight_smile:


I have 3 that are active/long-term: my main, custom domain one that I give out to friends and family, as well as important online accounts; a secondary one that forwards to that, which I use for non-priority stuff (most websites); and my work email.

For anything that I suspect they will actually spam me or sell my data, or where email is a required field (and that they test via confirmation email) but I have no intention of using it more than for that instance or giving it any real information about who I am, I will use a disposable account from a site like 10minutemail, which self destructs. Some sites will block that one, but there are others that work.

Now that’s a pro tip/life hack if that’s true :smiley:

1 main gmail address - personal
1 professional (self-owned) gmail address
1 personal, sketchy gmail address
1 personal microsoft address
1 employer-based address (Outlook)

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I shouldn’t let anyone in on my dirty little secret, but I use GMail for filtering in a unique way. I have a base address, let’s say MyBaseEmailAddy@ and then I have created a series of related accounts for services and features. So I have MyBaseEmailAddy.TWiT@, MyBaseEmailAddy.LastP@ or MyBaseEmailAddy.MSA@ etc… This way if a bad guy somehow gets access to one, they don’t get all, yet it’s easy for me to remember and track. I also created an email address based on my house address for things I have installed in the house (like the Ring doorbell) that I would probably hand off to a new owner if sold the house.

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Looked in LastPass and stopped counting when I got past 20.

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I’ve got 3! School, Professional, and everything else.

Also, you can have infinite with gmail too by adding + after your initial email username and the email will get delivered into your main account e.g. will go to

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Yeah, but then it’s really easy to figure out what my actual e-mail address is.

I’m up to 67.

Most are on my personally hosted email server and are, more or less, relics from before the can spam act. I made one for each major site and forwarded them to my primary personal. It was great for seeing which companies were selling my email. It also let me just delete it and not worry about any of my other accounts. The last few were the obituary email with each major provider as they became popular; Yahoo, Hotmail, Google, etc.

True, but it’s useful some automated sites to see if your email is being used for anything else.