USB hubs powered or not

need more USBs for my computer . Powered hub or not?

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It can depend on what it is you plan to plug into the hub, and how many USB devices you plan to use…

A mouse or keyboard - powered is unnecessary. But, my son and I both have one of those laptop cooling fan stands that sit under the laptop. When I use those or something else that runs a lot, I go with a powered hub.

Easier to just buy a powered hub. And, if you move it around a lot, you can decide on each use if you really need to plug it in… Depending on what you plan to use with it… If it doesn’t move and is permanent. May as well get powered… That way you future proof it


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As @Mistershipwreck says, it depends on what load you are putting on the hub. Keyboard mouse or self-powered devices (3.5" drives, printers etc.), no real need for a powered hub. But a shared hub with one or two 2.5" USB-powered external drives, I’d look at powered.


I would go Powered. I’ve had issues with non-powered ones in the past. The best non-powered one I had was USB3 (better power) but it only had 4 ports.


I’m guessing you have a laptop. if not get a add in card.

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Thanks for the advise