USB C Hub for my IPad Pro

I’m buying a portable USB C hub to connect a USB C external drive to my iPad Pro while keeping the power connected at the same time. Do I need to find a hub with two USB C ports? One for the drive and one for the power?

Hubs are not generally intended to work as power distribution devices… they’re strictly for data distribution. You need either a specially designed device for this exact purpose (like a power “Y” device) or else you probably need a powered hub. I don’t know if you can use your iPad power supply to power a powered hub or not… any powered hub I’ve ever encountered used a barrel jack to power it. I do see a mention of USB-C power pass through, so perhaps my knowledge is not up to date.

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Some USB C hubs do provide power.
Here are my top 3 choices so far.

My favourite choice so far because the power cord is detachable and longer than usual. But it’s a bit pricey.

A good price I think

For a MacBook so maybe overkill for an iPad?