Recommendation Lenovo USB-C hub

Hello all,

I have a Lenovo Thinkpad X390 here and I’m looking for a recommendation for a USB-C hub with lots of ports. Lenovo also has one, but it’s way too expensive for me (Lenovo USB-C 7in1 Hub). Are there cheaper alternatives? I need all display ports (HDMI, DisplayPort), USB-A (whether 3.0 or 2.0) and a LAN port.

Kind regards

I have heard good things about products from Caldigit but that is mostly from Apple users (so Thunderbolt more so than USB-C) and I think those products will make you think the Lenovo is a great bargain. I don’t think you should cheap out though, because you want something quality, reliable and supported and not something that is going to cause weird problems and be unsupported junk.

Here’s some reviewed picks, but not all are particularly current. I don’t know if anything has changed much in the last couple of years. USB-4 is coming “soon” (assuming the supply situation doesn’t wreck the plans.)