USB-C hub with USB PD passthrough?

Does anyone know of a USB-C hub that supports USB PD 75W or 100W pass-through charging, and ideally has all of its connectors on the same side, like in the pic?

The one that came with my laptop won’t fast-charge it, so I get the Windows warning that if using the laptop it will still run the battery down.

I’ve tried an Anker PowerExpand+ one, but it won’t sit neatly at the back of the desk like this.

I use this one from Anker:
Your laptop needs to support Thunderbolt 4.

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This one has fewer connectors than the one in your picture, and the Ethernet is on the end, not the back.

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Thanks, both. That Anker looks amazing, but I prob wouldn’t use that many ports. All I use is a couple of USB-A and the USB-C for power pass-through. I have another couple of USB-C and SD on the laptop.

Belkin looks ideal :+1:t2:

We use Dell USB-C docks, I use one at home with my company ThinkPad, works just fine. Dual video (2x DP, 1xHDMI), Ethernet, USB-C and USB-A ports.

Professional prices, but solid.

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I use this one which is budget friendly

It doesn’t have all connections at the same side but does 100w PD. I have it stuck underneath a laptop riser and switch the single cable between my work laptop and my MacBook Pro. Since it’s hidden underneath I don’t see the cables so much.

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