Twitter moratorium?

Just posted on Twitter… seems TWiT is dropping Twitter but not the others?

Honestly I get dropping social platforms but why only Twitter? FB properties are worthless and Linkedin isn’t much better. Yes for the newsletter… but not even a call to action to join

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@Leo I’ve been enjoying my time on Liker. I haven’t had issues with Twitter, but I loathe Facebook. Liker has filled a void.

We get trolled on Twitter and they can’t seem to do much about it. There’s one guy who’s been waging a campaign against us for nearly a decade. He uses Twitter exclusively.

I know who it is (hi Taylor!) but there’s not a lot I can do about it.


Always one (white) dude that ruins it for the rest.

Kind of difficult to access any “alternate” social sites these days

The forum and the mastodon instance works fine for me. There is a lot of value in curated social media instead of the mega corp social media that are being targeted by all sort of bad agents.

I read but don’t post on Twitter and I completely understand the decision. Twitter has given an ugly insight into (some) people’s minds.

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