TWiT Live Schedule - local user time display

Just a thought with regards to the onsite TWiT Live Schedule –

Is it possible to set the Schedule to display times for Live Shows in the viewer’s local time.
Maybe have the option of setting this to display a time that allows users to view these times for whatever area they choose.

So I can say to my brother in PEI Canada – watch this TWiT TV Program at xx:xx in his local time,
or when I look at the Schedule I see what is coming up next in my local time. (hate missing the start of a movie or podcast)

On many Online gaming platforms you often get a message like “Server going down at 4am ET” or the such and then everyone in the world has to fluff around trying to figure out what time that is in their local time and if it also involves the Day Light Savings of two different time zones. When it could maybe just say when this is happening in your local time or maybe that the Server is going down in 30 minutes…

Anyway it would be nice if we had a way to set the time on the Schedule to any time zone we prefer when viewing it. It might not be practical, but thought to ask.
Maybe this function already exists, however I did not see it if it does.

It already does for me.

It’s Google Calendar - it will use your local time unless you’ve turned off location access.


Great ty will check that out…

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It doesn’t seem to adjust on the web site, but if you subscribe to the calendar in Google Calendar then you will get your local time zone

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It does for me. That’s the only thing I use. To be clear, I go to and at the bottom I see:

and those times (in the picture under Tomorrow) are my local times.

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Ah, it does for me too… What about - it shows Los Angeles time for me and I’m in Adelaide, Australia.

At the bottom it explicitly calls out “Events shown in time zone: Pacific Time - Los Angeles” :wink:

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Yes, I think that is what the OP was on about. I have seen embedded Google maps displayed in local time zone before, but I think that needs some Javascript

Well I suspect if I logged in to Google and then went it might be different, but I don’t use much cloud.

Tried that, and the time zone does not update. The IFrame on that page has the timezone hard coded into its URL. Would need some Javascript to detect browser’s time zone and rewrite the URL.

In case it’s useful for anyone using an iPad, I sync the Schedule with a Google account that has nothing else in its calendar, using the “+Google Calendar” link at bottom right of the schedule. I added the Google Calendar app to my iPad then signed in with the same account. Edited the Notification view widgets to include Google Calendar (and Klok, an app that gives me some useful timezone clocks). Then all I have to do is swipe down and sideways to check on upcoming live shows in my local time, and swiping up puts me back to whatever app I was using before.

It would probably work the same on an iPhone, but I don’t have one to be able to check it.

Basically what I do, although I have other calendars in my account. I just until the calendars when I don’t want to see it in Google Calendar. Works the same on iPhone.

I find the same with @PHolder where displays the now and tomorrow’s schedule in my local time. However at the full calendar displays in Pacific/LA time.

It should work on the web site, too. But, obviously, you have to grant the site location access.

Thanks for all the comments. @Leo In effort to change & or confirm my “grant the site location access” I did the following -
1.) Did a check in Google Chrome (signed in), then to Accounts > Data & Personalization > I see Web App Activity & Location History both turned on.
2.) In Google Chrome > Settings > Advanced > Privacy and Security > Site Settings > Location (ask before accessing is ON) >
Also under Allow I put in (which shows up as with the comment just below saying “embedded on”)

The shows the correct local times however the page still shows times in Pacific/LA times.
Not sure why at this stage, but at least the Live page gives me 2 days of correct times. Unfortunately the Google live event starts at 3am… eek.

The calendar on the schedule page is hard coded for time zone. Just click on the add to Google Calendar icon to add it to your own Google Calendar account. That will display in local time zone

@Pommster I get ya… thx