TWiT Discord password length

Is the following a limitation on the discord server or TWIT? I went to change my TWIT.TV password. It says I can only use up to a 72 character password. I use Bitwarden per your recommendation.
You just reminded me on MacBreak Weekly that I can watch Home Theater Geeks.

Thank you

Hi Johng,

Discord uses it’s own authentication system which is not connected to any of the other TWiT properties. I’m not quite sure which service you’re talking about as I don’t believe the main site has any user database. But any limitation you’re seeing elsewhere would not be related to Discord.

72 characters should be enough for anybody!

It is because the algorithm used to hash passwords by most tools and sites, bcrypt, can handle a maximum 72 characters, I believe Discord uses this as well.

They used to (circa 2017) allow longer passwords, but bcrypt would truncate it at 72 characters anyway. At some point it seems that they also put this character limit into the system, when entering passwords.

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