TWIT 976: Serial Churners

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What bugs me is that Netflix will release shows all in one go. If they would release episodes weekly, like traditional broadcast TV, then we wouldn’t be able to just subscribe for a month, watch every series of the show we wanted, and then cancel.
I know that, in the UK, they released Shadowhunters on a weekly basis, but then it was a CW show so I assume they only got each episode as it was being broadcast. I think Disney Plus are doing the same thing with Doctor Who

You could, of course, wait until it’s over and then subscribe but I don’t see many people having the self disciplin to be able to do that

That might work for you, but it would never work for me. I don’t discuss shows as I’m watching them, so the whole idea of “must see TV” (so you can talk about it around the water cooler) is lost on me. I would just wait until I knew I could binge the whole thing, and then go get it and then leave.

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Each to their own I guess, but I’d have thought you’d run the risk of having it spoiled if you wait until you can binge it. The trend for a series these days appears to be between 6 and 10 episodes, but if they were still 22 episodes, could you really remain spoiler-free for that long?

I still haven’t seen a lot of shows (because I have no interest really) such as Breaking Bad, and have no idea what they’re about (except for the Mythbusters related content) so I feel confident this is not my problem :wink:

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