MBW 802: The Pepper Grinder Mac

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I see Alex is still threatening to basically destroy people’s businesses and careers by getting his buddies to review bomb developers if they go with third party billing in the App Store, should that ever come to fruition.

I’m probably the only one bothered by this, but it just seems like there’s little daylight between that kind of behavior and the man-babies who review bombed the Melissa McCarthy Ghostbusters reboot or any recent Star Wars movie because they featured women in lead roles.

Maybe he’s an okay guy otherwise, etc. etc., but the dude can be a straight up psychopath sometimes with the Apple apologist worldview.

I’m pretty sure billing issues are out of the scope of App Store reviews, so Alex’s ‘1-star’ plan may not work anyway.

Google has a single place to go to manage your subscriptions too. Not sure why this keeps getting raised as being a benefit of Apple’s approach.


He made a weird passing comment, something like “Netflix is going to get worse.” He clearly hasn’t had to experience signing up for Netflix, because it could not be any worse, as you literally cannot sign up on the app and they can’t even link out. Sure, he would understand what to do, but my grandmother wouldn’t. Dude cannot see past his own experience or empathize with others. And while yes, this is mostly a fight of millionaires vs billionaires, it couldn’t be too much to ask big fruit to lower the wall/expand the garden a bit for a better customer and developer experience.

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