TWIT 892: You're In Newton's Hands Now

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I think @samabuelsamid was talking about the ministerial cars that the Met Police are responsible for, rather than the Royal cars. They have been using Sentinal Range Rovers and Jag XJs, but the XJ Is out of production now, hence the Audi A8 order.

The Royal family have their own fleet of Bentley state limousines, Rolls Royce Phantoms, Daimlers, Range Rovers etc, although many of them also seem to drive BMW + Audi.

Hard to buy British now though - Rolls is BMW-owned, Bentley is Volkswagen Group, JLR is Tata.

It looked like King Charles was using a Rolls-Royce Phantom IV today, haven’t seen that for years.

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Yes, the Royals themselves seem to be going round in Bentleys or Roll Royce, and “real” (post sell-off) ones, still. Like the classic gold carriage - I remember that being restored at great expense, when I was growing up, there was a documentary series about it on BBC Nationwide, ISTR.

The protection detail were driving in Range Rovers, by the look of it, yesterday as Charles III was being driven, the Roller in the middle and Range Rovers front and back.

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I remember when Princess Diana caused a bit of a stir when she got herself a Merc SL. I think she ended up returning it after the British motor industry got upset, it’s now in the Stuttgart Merc museum.

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