TWIG 667: Scuds Off the Bow of Sullivan

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What happened to the YouTube replay?

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Turns out my mother-in-law was right! She always claimed she had the same tea set as the queen, and we used to roll our eyes.

Looking at that video with Paddington Bear…:slightly_smiling_face: I’m now wondering how she knew? My father-in-law did get invited to Buckingham Palace as a WW2 vet.


Buckingham Palace copyright takedown request?

Carl Pei’s new Nothing Android phone, I thought they had acquired Essential? Not sure what they purchased, IP rights? I’ll be interested to see it - used to like OnePlus up to about the 6T.

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Yeah the owners of Paddington totally blocked it. We’re appealing.

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Guys, please dont trash talk Android tablets so much if you never truly tested or even looked closely at them. Just the statement that Samsung tablets are cheap is pretty revealing, tbh. Try a Tab S8 ultra, invest the 1400 usd, and give us your two cents.

I know Cupertino is closer than Korea, but…

Good show otherwise! Not bad not to have a Stacey stand-in when she’s not around if there’s no Jeff-balancing personality around.

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I think this is the order Leo was looking for but couldn’t find :joy: I’m sure I remember @JasonHowell saying they’d order an Ultra after the unpacked event. I’d be happy with a Tab S8 or S8+ review TBH.

It’s a challenge for AAA I guess with fragmented hardware. iOS Today can go into so much more detail on iPhones, iPads watches etc., whereas AAA just touches the surface unless it’s Pixels.

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The only way I can get through the week is to see Jeff Jarvis’ beautiful face. Down with the royal family. (I’m British I can say that)

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Re: phubbing:

There’s a very good little comic strip where a man with his face buried in a newspaper is sitting across the breakfast table from his wife. He complains to her, without looking up, that kids these days are all obsessed with their phones and don’t know how to have a conversation. The woman looks at the “camera” with an unimpressed expression.

That’s how I remember it, at least, but I can’t find it for the life of me. There was also a comic or a pair of photos comparing a line of people looking at their phones on a subway to a line of people looking at newspapers on a train (or tram or bus or something). Can’t find that either.

Less specifically, I remember when the stereotype of an antisocial person was someone who “had their nose in a book all the time.” Parents would tell their readerly kids over and over to put that book down and to go outside more.

We don’t allow phones (or newspapers) at the table.


I never said they were cheap - although you can buy a $50 Android tablet at truck stops all over the country. Those aside, the problem with Android tablets is not the hardware - it’s the software. Samsung has had to develop an entire suite of applications just to make their tablets acceptable. But compare to the cheapest iPad ($325) and I think you’ll agree, there’s no comparison. Unless you HATE Apple, it’s hard to justify buying an Android tablet. Even Google knows this.


Agreed. An Android tablet is just Android running on a large device. Whereas an iPad is fully designed for the interface.
As much as I prefer Android, Apple win with tablets.

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I agree that the base iPad is a no-brainer, that’s what i recommend to family. Well the $479 one. 64 gig is too restrictive.

But struggling to think what’s worse on my Samsung. All works fine. O365, all my streaming apps, email, browser, all are tablet aware. Has a proper windowed desktop mode too that I use loads.

Personaly I wont have a tablet. However my girlfriend wants me to get her a new ipad. Why do you say 64 gig is “too restrictive”.

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Depends on how you intend to use the device. If you want some movies and some music and a bunch of worthwhile apps, you’re soon gonna fill 'er up. So you end up spending more time managing the space than enjoying the use of it. On the other hand, if all you want to do is surf on it, maybe the storage isn’t so important.

I had an iPad 4 that was 64G, I think, and it flaked out hard when it got full, and never worked right again. (And then Apple abandoned that generation and I abandoned Apple in return.) All I wanted to use it for was some casual gaming, but it it filled fast… games aren’t exactly small.


As PHolder says. If you just want to browse, read emails and stream, they work well. But our family ones are full of games for the kids, downloaded movies and stuff. They fill up pretty quick. 256 gig gives you some headroom.

And then they want a pencil + keyboard, and you’ve spent over $700 - same price as the 256GB Tab S8 with the pen + keyboard cover :man_shrugging:t2:

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I believe I said something along the lines of “other than Samsung” :smile:

It’s like “iPad” is synonymous with “tablet.” Do a poll in your area. Ask people if they have a tablet. Ask if they have an Android or iPad. I’m curious to get the results.

Even the less affluent people I know have iPads. Only true techies have android tablets in MY circle and they ALSO have iPads. Lol!


I have a one of the early Android tablets… running Android 4. It was branded for the 2012 Olympics. I never found a use for it, because there were never any decent apps to run on it. When the iPad came out, it totally eclipsed it and I don’t even know where it is now. A tablet that just [poorly] runs [resized] phone apps is worthless. (Except on the Nexus 7, which was basically a large sized phone, more than a tablet.) I think it’s too late now to make Android tablets a thing.

I know my opinion is not shared with everyone but I don’t really see the point of a tablet anyway, I find the iPad to also be kind of useless… I’d much rather use a real computer for anything a tablet could do–I don’t especially find touch interfaces very compelling.


Up until last year, we had 2nd generation Fire Tablets, but the batteries died. The experience wasn’t good on those, but good enough for reading Kindle or listening to Audible.

I looked at Android tablets, when I went to replace them, but ended up going with iPads. For me, part of the decision was privacy, I’d gotten tired of spending hours de-googling Android devices to get them into a state where they don’t send all my data to Google. At the end of last year, after having last used an iPhone 3S, I used Windows Phone, then Android from 2010 on, we also switched back to iPhones. Apple aren’t perfect, but I trust them more with my data than I do Google or other advertisers…


I don’t think anybody is challenging that iPads dominate the tablet market, with Samsung 2nd…

Does this match people’s experience in Germany? Samsung no.1 there? Or is something weird going on with the statcounter tracker on Safari there?

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