TWIT 878: Having My Baby

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Hopefully JammerB was able to get the studio audio issues resolved (or is working on it).

Did they start the show in-studio and have to abort? I had the live feed open early on with Leo at the big desk, but when I came back to it later the studio was all dark.

Zoom call version worked pretty well though. I wonder if it’s like calls at work, the audio lag issue is actually better if it’s 100% on the Zoom call, rather than having a few folks in a room somewhere using conference room hardware. Didn’t notice much tripping over each other this week.

They attempted to start the show in studio as normal, but had some issues due to a power failure Saturday night. I believe Leo went home and did TWiT as a normal Zoom call and just recorded it.

The assumption seems to be that all the listeners share the politics and views of the people in the show.

The assumption seems to be your views are not so fragile that they can survive your exposure to someone else’s point of view.


It seems to me that a show that wants to maximize its audience would seek to acknowledge that not everyone listening shares their exact point of view.

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I don’t think anyone shares the exact same views. I don’t think anyone wants a show that doesn’t challenge them on occasion. Seems pretty simple to me: stop whining or stop listening.

“Stop whining or stop listening” is a pretty jerky response.

Thanks for sharing your opinion. My differing views have not been shaken by it.

Why? I don’t follow their political leanings, but still find them very informative and they try to be relatively neutral.

Sorry to interrupt.

I made an account and waited to be approved just to say that I loved the Zoom arrangement of everyone in the picture all the time -seeing the other guests’ faces reaction to what the one person is saying was such an awesome experience. I hope they would arrange the screen like this in the future.

Now please continue.

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You may not have meant it this way, but your post comes across (at least to me) as someone generally complaining without providing any context to interpret your complaints.

It might be helpful to elaborate on the particular viewpoints where you had disagreement, so that we can all engage in a dialog to inform each other’s perspective. I don’t believe any of us want an echo chamber, but at the same time there are common concerns that many of us seem to have when it comes to certain topics.