TWIT 886: The Barn Has Left the Horse

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As I’m listening to this podcast, I very much agree that I’m getting subscription’d out. I recently subscribed to a different plan with Verizon because it included an entertainment bundle that would give me Disney+, Hulu w/No ads (Half the cost) and ESPN+, and Apple Music. I was paying for Hulu w/no ads and Pandora+ so the savings by switching was a no brainer for me.


Subscription fatigue is a real thing. Like Phil getting a benefit from Verizon, we get free HBO Max from AT&T with our cell plan. Now with podcasts, there is pressure to subscribe with a monthly fee to nearly every podcast I listen to, including TWIT network. I’d love to, but with TV, my wife can enjoy the benefit of a subscription, but she has no interest in tech, so $80 for TWIT could go to something we both can enjoy. It sucks, because I do find I have a bit of disconnect with TWIT network, as I miss some programming, & feel a bit left out when it is discussed on TWIG or MBW. This also happens with other podcasts too, not just TWIT podcasts. Don’t mean to pick on TWIT specifically…

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I totally get what you are saying about podcast. But most podcast aren’t subscription only. They are subscription early. Pay us so much and you can listen to the episode one week early, with TWIT the only thing you really lose is access to the members only discord server and your podcast will have ads in it. There are a few member only episodes but if you’ve been listening for 10+ years with ads, I don’t think you’d notice you are missing anything. You only notice if you pay and stop subbing IMO. I think TWIT’s way of doing podcast subscription is done right…You can stay free and be monetized by ads or you can pay your monthly fee and get access to member only exclusives.