TNW 265: Mastodon, Twitter, Digital Growth & Decline

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Sorry to see you cutting back, but you deserve it. And Leo it’s your show & it’s fine to have your slant. But can we get off the Musk is evil & horrible California bandwagon? No one listens to your show to hear rants everyweek about how dumb & evil Elon is. No one today is pure like Disney used to be. But we listen to escape the hate.

Okay Stan, the door is over there… /sarcasm

I DO listen to hear what’s transpired in the weird world of Elon… it’s a news show, and that is what the news is these days.

As long as it’s a news show and he keeps doing stupid newsworthy stuff, I think they’re going to keep talking about him.

@Leo, don’t worry, part of growing a network is handing off tasks to others and finding the right level of effort–and that can vary with time.