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Sandy Monroe’s test drive of the Mach E the system disengaged in the middle of a curve that it thought was too sharp…unacceptable. Sandy does not hate Ford he has a pension at Ford that he wants to receive. In order for that to happen Ford needs to do well.

Sandy realizes that US automakers are about to have their ass handed to them…tough love is in order. The Mach E has a lot of room for improvement. Watch the video of the cooling system teardown…its an abomination! But a correctable one.

FSD software is changing so rapidly you cannot use conclusions derived from older versions to paint the current version of FSD. Comparing FSD on your model X is like comparing Windows XP and Windows 10.

The idea that consumers are being fooled by the name Autopilot is laughable. There are clear warnings, many youtube posters even put warnings in their videos, and more recently the software watches you with a camera and tells you to “pay attention”. The NHTSA and NTSB investigations will basically be investigating something that was caused by stupid drivers. Tesla has added even more idiot-proofing to the car to force you to pay attention.

At this point, Tesla should just take a poll and ask what the “experts” think it should be called and just change the names of FSD and Autopilot. Love to see what they come up with.

I think they would land on something closer to “Driver Assist”.

I agree “driver assist” but it seems silly…because the term autopilot exactly describes its functionality.

I agree with you, and had this argument with many people, but in the last few months I have had to concede that the battle for what “autopilot” really means has been lost.

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This. So much THIS.


@Leo I’m surprised you didn’t get an iPhone 13 Pro to play around with the new 77mm 3x telephoto lens and the updated ultra-wide lens with macro capability.

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Remarks were made about Amazon drivers being pushed to RUSH/RUSH/RUSH.
UPS drivers have doing this for over 50 years. This is why you never see one of them overweight. (regular city guys)