TWIT 849: Disco Mannequin

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I haven’t listened yet (my ears are sore :slightly_smiling_face:), but I’m getting the ear canal problem with Samsung Buds :-1:t2: A shame, 'cos they’ve been great otherwise. Keep them clean, but I can’t tolerate them for long periods.

Tested this yesterday. Used one for a few hours listening to an audiobook on a bike ride. Last night that ear was very sore.

Time to drop an email to Samsung I guess.

Update: Spoke to Samsung this eve, they took it pretty seriously (as they should) and kicked off their injury/damage process.

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This is a kick a** panel! Paris Martineau and Amy Webb are incredible (as usual).


Leo, I am a huge fan and have listened to the TWIT network for at least 20 years. Amy Webb is a complete nut job. Her constant name dropping of mysterious individuals is incredibly annoying. Her topic changes to wacky conspiracy theory ideas make the TWIT show unwatchable. “Things are better in dubai?” “a skin suit that measures everything” Can we have a show that is slightly based in reality?

Thank you, Love the show

Driving a truck is a perfectly fine job, if your employer isn’t trying to screw you over.

For example, Wal-Mart truckers make a good living, and the company manages the trucks, so none of that owner-operator rubbish. Pay for their long-haul truckers is $0.89 per mile, plus hourly pay for time when the truck is parked. Wal-Mart estimates over $80,000 in wages plus benefits.
While that might not pay the rent in SFO, it was outstanding pay in the midwestern city where I grew up, and where Wal-Mart had a distribution center.

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Are they treated any better than in store staff, thou? As in do they just treat them as replaceable cogs in a mean profit-driven system… or do they actually realize they’re human beings?

Takes one to know one? There is nothing nutty about anything she said, maybe your imagination is just lacking.


I can’t speak to that, I don’t know much about the employee experience today in Wal-Mart stores.

Thank you for sharing your experience. I’m glad to hear you feel like you were compensated fairly.


A great show as usual and great guests.

Buds or Buds Pro? I have the Buds +, which are nearly 2 years old now and wear them for a couple of hours a day without any problems.

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Buds Pro. It looks like the issue is specific to this model. Not sure what it is. A reaction to the materials used, or lack of a vent means unhealthy ear canals and infection?

I’ve now booked a session with my audiologist to sort me out. Hopefully, now I’ve stopped using them it will clear up. Bit concerned about the tinnitus I now have in one of my ears :roll_eyes:


Yes, listening to the show, I heard it was Buds Pro, so was wondering whether you were saying you have the normal Buds and are also experiencing the problem or whether you just short-handed Buds Pro to Buds…

I guess I won’t be going for Buds Pro - I really like the Buds +. But, there again, I’m switching to an iPhone, so Air Pods would probably be a more logical choice going forward anyway, when the Buds + give up the ghost - the case battery seems to be running down very quickly now.

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Just had a call from Samsung. Earbuds are being collected for inspection. Then a discussion to be had about covering the costs of sorting my ears out.

Yeah, I’d steer clear of the Buds Pro. I am susceptible to sinus issues, many people prob don’t have an issue with them, but personally, I wouldn’t take the risk. A shame, because the sound quality and features are great. Particularly liked the hand-off between Samsung devices as you got phone calls. And the way it mutes the audio and turns on the mics if somebody talks to you.

Not sure what I’ll get next. Wife has the Pixel ones, she seems happy with those.

Something I’ve just remembered. I thought it was a bit odd that Samsung started pushing notifications out to remember to regularly clean your earbuds a few months ago. Perhaps prompted by the feedback they were seeing?


Amy Webb is many things, but nut job is most certainly not one of them. You might want to look her up - she’s one of the most impressive people I’ve ever heard on TWIT, and in the field of guests that have been on the show - that’s a pretty high bar to clear.

Futurist Amy Webb