TWIT 796: Celebrity Jeopardy in Heaven

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On casual games (like Animal Crossing), the one I’ve been playing for just over a year now is Hogwarts Mystery. I’m not really a Harry Potter fan, but this game has been fun. And @Leo, this one has an ending. :smiley:

Regarding ebikes, I have this one on preorder:

I had been wanting a Rad Mini Step-Thru, but saving for that one has been a lower priority since I have my Fiido ebike. But I found out about this one from Lectric that has many of the same features, and maybe all the features I really need, for a much lower price - $899 while the preorder is going. Suddenly, saving for a better ebike didn’t have to take so long, and I could make it a higher priority. It might be good if @Leo and/or @ant_pruitt could do a comparison between Lectric and Rad Power Bikes.

Thank you for a great show!!! :smiley:

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As an avid listener to TWiT for a while now (from South Africa), I am really disappointed with the clear political partisanship displayed in a tech podcast.

My first post here but hope to add more I future.

You obviously don’t need to care about my view euther but it is clear that you have no interest in balancing the political discussion.

Everyone is entitled to their political view but you are alienating (just under) 50% of the US population. Of course, also a significant portion of your international listenership. Not likely a very good strategy if you want listener growth or at least growing engagements with your content.

Thanks for a great show. Please stick to tech and introduce the politics behind it with balance when needed. There is more than one view to everything - context and nuance is important here.

P.S. If I was an American citizen and able to vote, I likely would not have voted for either candidate in 2016 or 2020.


Countries other than the US are lucky enough to have multi party systems, as I hope the US has one day. But until we get ourselves out of this 2-party rut, any vote not for Biden would have been a vote for Trump. I don’t believe this country would have survived another 4 years of that, and that seems to be what some people want, sadly. When things get back to normal, I think tech can go back to being less political.

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Fantastic post, and I agree with you.

With an attitude like that the US will never have more than two parties. A vote FOR a third-party candidate is a vote FOR that person and not a vote for another person.

Tech will never be less political. It is too big of a part of our lives to not have a political component.

The tech industry (and TWIT) in general believes in diversity in everything except political thought. I think it came out that 96% of the donations to political parties from Twitter went to Democrats. It’s why they are blind to the censorship of conservative thought on social media with Twitter and YouTube being the worst.

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This. Please guys. We understand technology and politics will mix, but for the point of “This Week in Tech” please layoff personal political views. I come here to get away from the junk that is politics.

Please Leo, for your listeners/views please keep your political stories non-partisan. We get you’re 100% liberal, but that has nothing to do with the show.

Love watching the show. Absolutely love it, my favorite podcast of all time by far. Please keep your shows non-partisan if politics are needed. Please!!


Absolutely agree. It’s just that this latest election was much too critical to play around with third parties. What we really need, for a better way to happen, is approval voting. At least ranked choice voting, but approval voting would be better, IMHO.


People have been saying this election is the most important in history for every presidential election since I’ve been over voting age. I expect 2024 to be the same.


Made an account simply to agree with this post. TWIT has become more and more political over the years and always turns into a Trump bash fest. I’m not a big fan of him either but I don’t listen to a TECH podcast to hear all about politics. If I wanted to do that I would listen to a political podcast.

I understand a lot of tech and politics are intertwined at this point, but every time that happens it turns into how bad Trump is and completely goes off topic.

As others have said, stick to tech and avoid politics. I can only hope with the ending of the election we get a legitimate TECH podcast back.


Couldn’t agree more. I tend to lean republican but when they get off on their liberal tangents I find myself skip ahead in the show. I know tech and politics are colliding much more this day in age, but Leo use to do such an awesome job of playing the Devil’s advocate card but it doesn’t seem that happens as much anymore.

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All of you complaining about the political content you dislike are presumably aware that Leo has said his wife leans Republican and has also said he doesn’t really care to placate those who dislike his politics. It’s unclear to me why you think complaining here weights any more than what his own wife (and the CEO of the company) might already be saying to him on the topic. shrug

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I would say, since this is a discussion board, if someone wants to discuss what they feel about the politics being espoused in the shows, this is the place for it!

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Well, just to put my own views in, I really enjoy the political content. In fact, I partly listen to hear just how people in the US are coping with the madness we are watching from the outside and to hear Leo’s interpretations of (and mocking of) events.
Now, admittedly, I’m listening from Europe, so I have a different perspective. And I’m generally left-leaning, so I tend to agree with them.
So … yeah. But I’d ask NOT to change, because I really enjoy it!


People listen for the tech angle. When you demonize the other side, you lose 1/2 the audience. Many here do not care about that because they are on the side of the hosts.

What happened to the days we could agree to disagree? (but both sides could talk) Those days are gone, apparently. Even on this forum - say the wrong view, and someone hits the delete key. Prove your point with links and stories, and there goes the delete key again…

Now, I understand - freedom of speech does not apply on private forums. I get that… I’m not claiming that on this forum. I just think it’s sad that people who present themselves as intelligent can’t allow a few people on their internet discussion forum to disagree politely without being deleted time and time again. And in doing so, you lose 1/2 your audience…

No, it has nothing to do with content that I “dislike”. It has everything to do with it being less discussion and more mockery. If I wanted that I’ll watch Fox/MSNBC. I’m just saying keep the politics non-partisan so you don’t alienate half your audience like others have said.

Hi, independent here who has voted Republican, Democrat, Green, Independent and Libertarian :wave:t2:
Sorry folks, but there are not “two sides” to everything, nor should the point be to always “balance” things. President Trump is a dangerous demagogue who has only created more divisiveness. The man is a bully, a baby and a pathological narcissist-- and needed to be voted out of office. I will happily agree to disagree about a great many issues, from gun rights to taxes to abortion to healthcare-- absolutely, it is critical to foster open and honest debate. But there is no debate to be had about the President-- there is no context, no nuance, that can accommodate him. To anyone here who feels “demonized” by people taking shots at President Trump, I would suggest you not tie up your identity, your own sense of self, with a figurehead; that goes for Biden supporters as well. Do not get sucked into a cult of personality, or overly identify yourself with a Party.


Agreed. This happened in the 90’s. Clinton, Bush, and Ross Perot were on the ballot. The vast majority of votes for Perot would have gone to Bush, thus electing him to a 2nd term. Instead, the United States was given the most corrupt Pres, VP, and First Lady in our history. Thankfully, the nation survived due to the resiliency of the American people (instead of the incessant whining that we’ve had for the last 12 years). So, yes… the two party system will be around for awhile.