TWIT 787: Dreamliner

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I must say I have not missed a Twit show in years but this weeks guests were soooo boring even Leo couldn’t get the, to talk.
Guess you can’t win them all.
How about bringing fans on once in awhile @Leo?
I sure had a lot to say concerning today’s topics :wink:

I found it very interesting and wished they’d gone into more depth on the business AI subject, for example.

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I wasn’t bored the slightest bit.

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I understand what @Monkman007 was saying… I too found the guests seemed somewhat less engaged that I would have hoped a good portion of the show. It might well be that none of the topics was especially new and engaging for me either… I am REALLY tired of hearing about TikTok!

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Everyone seems to be suffering from dystopia lately. Which made me think of Thomas Hobbes:

If a deadly syn-bio pathogen gets loose, we may all be living solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short lives.

The coronavirus may be novel, but our concerns are not.

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I found the topics good and the panelists good as well. But I can agree that there seemed to be less energy than the immediately previous episodes. I didn’t interpret this as boring or as a lack of engagement, but I did feel that there wasn’t the level of … passion, for lack of a better word, for the material than we’ve seen/heard in past shows. With that said - it’s hard to follow @Ohdoctah and Cory Doctorow (last week’s panelists) if passion is the touchstone for how engaging a show is. Both are exemplars in their fields for energy and discussion.

I also share some of the sense of fatigue regarding the repetitiveness of the topics (TikTok, etc), but - at the same time - those events are what is currently occurring in technology. It wouldn’t be right to just ignore those topics simply because there’s a level of exhaustion in the audience for the discussion.