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Sam’s explanation of LiDAR was awesome. That merits being a video “excerpt” by itself .


Good on @Leo with his daughter and driving. Smartphones should be tucked away out of sight in the car. Mine stays in my pocket or in the cubby hole, out of the way.


I remember the cottage was more cramped than you newest office Leo. The pre-show in the cottage was fun to watch, everyone trying to fit into a small space. Should go back in time more often, but the set up did look good.


I just ordered a topped out Macbook Air and am going to try replacing my 2018 Macbook Pro with it. To be able to get a quad core i7 machine with 16GB of Ram and a TB SSD for under 2K will be pretty incredible if it performs well. Its an added bonus for me that it doesn’t have the touchbar which as much as I wanted to love it - I’ve never been able to find a use for it.

I would question whether people actually want to work from home. Even though you’re not travelling if you work from home and I suppose it’s nice to spend time with children if you have them, but it seems to me that work, like school, can be a chance for you to interact with people on a face-to-face basis although eith Skype and related services that’s probably not as big of a deal as it once might have been.
I think the cinemas might be in trouble because, with technology, I sometimes think that we can have a better experience at home than going to a cinema. That being said I still think there is a need to preserve shared experiences

I certainly wouldn’t want to do this all the time. There’s something about just walking over to discuss something with someone. Though I’m generally an introverted person, I do like some social interaction.


That has been the case since the mid-90s. That was when Dolby Surround and widescreen TVs started to appear. I suddenly had a “large” 28" CRT and surround sound that provided a better experience than my local picture palace. No people chatting over the soundtrack, the sound optimized for where I was sitting etc. Then along came Dolby Digital, dts and wide-screen TVs and DVD and that really was the death-knell for “having” to go to the cinema.

The only reason for going to the cinema now is to see a film when it first comes out, that we really want to see and a night out with my wife. Given that we have walked out on 3 of the last 8 films we went to see, because they were so appallingly bad, we haven’t been to the cinema for a fair while. We look occasionally, but there is rarely anything that makes us want to go out to see it.

I’ll stick with my 4K TV and Dolby Atmos sound system.

The difference is that prices have down recently so everything is more affordable

The potential loss of movie theatres will have an impact on dating, I suspect:

It used to be the case that it was considered a safe date for a “proper” girl to go on a date to a movie with a boy. The thinking being it was a public place, and if anything untoward came about, she could get up and leave, or even call out for help.

I don’t honestly know, in the days of swipe right/left, if going to movies is even still a dating thing? (Ah to be a teen again and have this worry.) It’s probably much more complicated these days but I don’t know how comfortable it will be for women to have a first, movie, date in private location.

I know there are many benefits from school from home. But I see a lot of down sides:

  • Decreased socialization and the ability to read body language
  • Decreased ability to play school sports, therefore decreased number of pro sports.
  • Decreased number of students being involved in music. We already have a problem with funds to music programs being cut. Now we have to fight to have students even interested in music. Which will mean even less musicians overall.
  • Decreased ability for some students to learn. Online school does not work for all students. Distractions. Having a quiet place to study or interact with students online.

As pointed out on the podcast, there is also the issue with a even wider separation between the haves and have nots. Even you don’t have a computer for each person in the household (not doable by some), who needs to give up their computer.

I understand that there are things that can be done to reduce some of these issues. But it will cost money and time

When it comes to working from home, one of things that was not mentioned is the effect on the realestate market could plummet as the number of physical offices shrink. I know the facilities department would love to cut back on the amount of office space to reduce those costs. Then there is the social cost of not seeing people in person. While young adults the transition would be easier people over 50 would have a harder time because they are used to being able to stop by a person’s office and chat to work out a problem. No distractions. Just them and you.

So “going virtual” has it benefits, but lets not forget that it is not all roses.

Someone mentioned a phone sanitizer other than phone soap, what was it? And is there NLP that can transcribe podcasts and make them searchable yet?