TWIT 838: Crowbar and a Foot

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Just listened to the panel talk about how useless a Chromebook is, and all I can say is that some content creators seem to be out of touch about how their content is consumed. Not all of the millions of followers of Owen JJ Stone have a need to edit 4k video.
And there are Android apps that you can install on the Chromebook if you want to use its’ under powered hardware to do so, just like Owen can use some under powered laptop to edit his video.

One person makes a lot videos and needs the power, others do not. Get off the 1% high horse you content creators are on and live life like a normal consumer and see that a Chomebook is fine for your needs. And if not, you can install Linux on it very easily. :wink:


I’m unsure whether I can sympathize with the OnlyFans creators getting up in arms about the policy change. If you’re using someone else’s platform then it is their right to change the rules and they did, at least, warn their users about it. I know that’s why we’re always advocating that people have their own website and, in fact, if they don’t have the technical expertise to set one up themselves, or ask someone for help, do they really deserve to be in business.
A problem with working from home is the work-life balance. I used to work in Rugby so used to commute from Birmingham four days a week and it used to take me 35 minutes on the train (or 45 if I got the one that stopped everywhere) so there was a physically enforced work-like balance. If you have no morning commute then when are you going to listen to @Leo’s podcasts?
I also found it amusing how you’re all saying that, because the COVID-19 vaccine isn’t 100% effective, that you are gunshy about going to CES or anywhere with large crowds. How come we are worried about that now but we weren’t before. I mean, sure. you all got your flu vaccine but even that was probably no guarantee to protect you against a variant of flu not covered by the vaccine

COVID, especially any variant, can’t be compared to the flu, even as deadly as that has been.

I haven’t heard that part yet. But it comes down to what you need a computer for and what you think about Google.

I use a lot of local applications that aren’t available in the cloud - VOIP client for our telephone system, it is internal only and only on Windows, Mac. Likewise, our ERP software is Windows only. At home, my photo collection and retouching software only runs locally.

At the other end of the scale, I don’t trust Google as far as I could throw them. I have a lot of their tracking sites blocked at source, I don’t use Google services, if I can avoid them (YouTube and the PlayStore are about the only ones still active), all the Google services on my Android phone are deinstalled or deactivated, as far as possible and my history and tracking is turned off in the Google settings. So there is no way I would use ChromeOS on principle.

If people are happy to use ChromeOS, that is fine, but there is no way I would ever see it as an acceptable OS. Then a light Linux client running Firefox or Brave.

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I was screaming off mic/camera. Chromebook is totally fine for most consumers just checking email, social media and occasional content consumption. Thx for listening :fist_right:t5:


Heh. Most “normals” won’t care about google tracking. They’re usually the same people putting their personal information online without concern. Lol!
I do like the idea of a boot-n-go Linux laptop running cloud services or whatever FLOSS compatible services so people can read docs and spreadsheets for work.
I’ve not touched Linux in years. The convenience of Chromebooks boot-n-go is great. No sudo apt get or other nerdy stuff. If Linux is like that these days, we need more of em available. :slight_smile:

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My wife is a “normal”, she doesn’t really use any tech. I have to set up her phone and install apps for her. But the most important thing to her, before I met her, was her online privacy. She actually tells people that they can’t take photos of her and post them online (legally binding in Germany, due to the privacy laws here), when we go to parties or people are making photos on the street.


Niiiiiiiice. Would be nice if more people understood privacy practices like this


This is what I didn’t understand - the same kind of people we tell to get iPads instead of Windows machines are more or less the same kind of people who would benefit from a Chromebook.

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As always it’s something that takes discipline and everyone’s mileage will vary. People with long commutes and with special child-care situations are probably thrilled to not have to spend 2-3 hours per day in a commute. Swings and roundabouts.

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