TWIT 762: Synthetic Chris Evans

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Just a quick note, Amy said she was in Japan with her photo and Internet DoCoMo handset in 1999, whilst Nokia’s were still analogue… I had my first GSM (digital) handset from Nokia in the mid 90s and by 1999, I had a WAP (web for mobiles) capable Nokia phone and HP/Compaq was making a GSM add-on for their Windows Mobile organisers to turn them into a full smartphone.

First Nokia GSM phone was the Nokia 1011 in 1992. GSM phones were pretty primitive back then. My first mobile was the Panasonic G600 in 1999 and that was primitive. Siemens S25 supposedly had a WAP browser, but never really worked for me, but thought the Som T68i was the night of technology when I got that!

At the time, I think the DoCoMo phones were far more advanced than the GSM and CDMA phones I. The rest of the world.

Was MKBHD even on that episode?

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??? Yes, Marques was on the show, remotely.

Are you suggesting he didn’t get enough talk time? I can see that, but @Leo did keep bringing him in… He’s soft spoken in this setting and still needs to find his feet. They just need to have him on more so he can get practice. :star_struck:

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When @Leo got Amy Webb’s company wrong, am I the only one who thought of the scene from Monty Python’s Life of Brian?

Brian: Excuse me. Are you the Judean People’s Front?
Reg: F*** off! We’re the People’s Front of Judea



I don’t know, I think he contributed a fair bit, and yes Leo did try to include him whenever possible.

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@Leo you were asking for feedback about no longer having a choice of video quality. I’m probably the only one who’ll say this I guess, but let’s see: I’m one of those with limited bandwidth, so I always appreciated being able to choose less video quality.

The kludgey way around this is to use a video downloader and download a specific resolution from YouTube. I’ve used 4K Video Downloader for this in the past.


I’ll look for that. Thanks :grin:

Not free, but TubeDigger is pretty good at downloading things, even those that don’t want to be downloaded (but may be Windows only and I suspect you’re a MacHead @MacPhyle.)


4K Video Download is MacOS and Windows. I’ve used it on Windows - I can’t see it working any differently on Mac.

The decline of the smartphone and dropping sales are two different things. Their sales are dropping but their usage isn’t. Amy was trying to conflate the two (at least it seemed to me). I agree with Leo, saturation explains the drop.

Great show.

iPadOS for this purpose, but that was a good guess :smiley:

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I think you’re a bit limited on iOS. You can save YouTube videos with a shortcut, but I don’t think that lets you select the quality.

If you have YouTube Premium, then you can download videos as part of the service and select your quality.


Aha there’s an idea. I do love YT Premium. I tried out the trial but then stopped for expense reasons. I might pick it up again though.


I’ve been a subscriber of Google Play Music All Access for years and it’s included with that. Love it for having no ads - I watch a lot of YouTube.


Same exact thought here. :rofl:

Does anyone remember the youtube shows that MKBHD recommended? I think he mentioned some kind of educational shows and I have tried to scrub through the episode again but I didn’t find it this time.

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