TWIG 765: Inflatable Nuts

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Social media is also used to accelerate the spread of misinformation and hate. For example I would encourage people to look up on the role facebook played in the genocide in Myanmar. If social media is so important that it’s somehow really a social good, then it’s clear it should be in the hands of billionaires or governments like China or the US.

Though on the topic of AI "pins " the question to ask is, why does it have to be a separate gizmo from your phone? It could just as well be a app that runs on your phone.

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Indeed it could. Over the years, a lot of tech has been inspired by sci-fi, and I would suggest that the smart phone is somewhat inspired by Star Trek’s data pads. In that vein, I would argue that pins that link you to an AI are somewhat inspired by Star Trek’s communicators (in later incantations they’re pins one wears.)

I guess I would say that we should not discount new form factors if they’re better or more useful. For example, a lot of parents want their child to have a smart phone for (in essence) tracking and safety purposes… but that’s become a problem in schools (supposedly.) As one train of thought: perhaps a pin that provided the tracking and safety (and emergency call to a parent or police) but doesn’t provide all the other levels of interaction that can be problematic in school, might actually be a better product for that use case.

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My 2c: The Rabbit R1 (I know, not a pin) seems to me to be aiming at being an operating system which they hope/plan will be installed on other devices. I’m guessing they made the R1 to have a demonstration of their OS in action.

Ironically according to Mishaal Rahman the R1 is apparently an Android device running a single Android app. Looks nice though.

Interesting. I’ve read the piece on Android Authority which now contains Rabbit’s denial. Their denial could be credible - I would feel more comfortable if Mishaal hadn’t achieved this from an APK that was sent to him. It could be, as Lyu claims it is, simply spoofing the Rabbit functionality. I really hope Mishaal is wrong.

Quite an elaborate spoof, as Mishaal said he could create an account, and it then worked and was later disabled. Guess someone could have reverse engineered the R1 client.

There is someone else who has now got standard Android apps running on their R1, so I’m not sure how they can deny it’s an AOSP device rather than their own OS?

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