TWIG 763: All the Meat Was Shaking

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Suno is a lot of fun! Could you share the links to the songs you created on air, @Leo?


There’s a new one that’s supposed to be even better: but it’s full right now. And here’s Burke’s adamant request.

A breakbeat electro song about shaking meat while playing mario kart at 300 baud on instagram ads

And our new Craig Newmark theme:


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Hooray - thank you very much, Leo! I became a suno user yesterday based on you using it on the podcast. Made a couple of songs with it and found out that it can even do other languages. German works very well, too! Almost perfect articulation and very authentic for the type of music:

The laughter at the end is slightly haunting.

This one, back in English, made my wife’s (and her colleagues) day yesterday as they are moving offices next week after many years. Now they have their own moving song:

Such a fun little novelty app! And much more than that. It’s perfectly right to say: Spotify better prepare, a year down the road. They need to innovate or see their business decline bit by bit.

I see it the same way as you do - the next few years will get very interesting and slightly stange. I’m not fully on board with Jeff saying we’re at the beginning of the internet. To me, the web seems to have settled into a diverse enabler of new offers. That’s not going to change too much. What’s growing on that field is what is really changing now: one generative platform after the other. And: Yes, generative platforms are if not taking people’s jobs certainly undermining people’s ability to generate an income from what they once did (designers, programmers, musicians, writers). AI brings up a necessary evolution among creative work. Some will adapt, others will not be able to. We were never challenged by our machines in that creative way. A long way away from world dominance, but certainly a challenge to people in a field they considered somewhat of a last humanistic resort: creative expression. I am not sure whether we already know how to answer this question. There will likely be multiple answers.

Ah, rambling… anyway. Thanks, @Leo! Your and your colleagues’ podcasts really brighten my and everyone’s day! :slight_smile:

PS: The Pigeon Man’s Tale is an Anthem! Wonderful! :rofl:

Is there a link to the open source AI Leo referred to? Thot I think? Try as I might I can’t find anything that looks open source and seems to match the description.
You can see the website at around 23:00 in the video version.

That’s correct. There’s also

These are frameworks that let you use opensource models locally, without a connection to the cloud.

Thanks for that :+1:

This show needs someone on that at least partially disagrees about AI. It’s pretty much become a cheer squad for AI without even a basic discussion of what this technology could do to creative people’s work.

This Week in Completely Barking Mad… :wink:

… or absolutely is doing to creatives right now. The only voice of caution I’ve heard thus far on the network are Benito (producer) and, iirc, Paris from time to time…

Fully agree!

I don’t really buy the argument that if you fail to compete with generative AI, you were not good to begin with. That’s far from truth. Given what GenAI costs, I’d say that hardly anyone can compete with that.