TWIG 760: The Ground State of a Molecule

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The Google story at 1:50:00ish made me think of the dream AI Mr Searls wants and what Mr Laporte is doing with his database of coding books.

Jeff was going on about corporate entities having the same right to read as individuals, again. I just don’t understand, why a for profit corporation should have the same right to read as an individual, he was also trying to compare a search engine, which reads the information with the intent of getting the user to go to the site in question and an AI, whose job it is to read that information and then keep the user at their own site by regurgitating the information and thus taking the ad revenue from the creator of the information.

I don’t care about big media, they can go to hell. But i do care about actual journalists, who is going to pay them, when AI has bankrupted all of their sources?

Where is the AI going to get its information in the future, if it has put all the journalists out of work?


Those are good questions, which I suspect Jeff doesn’t have an answer to. Or doesn’t care enough about that. This is what happens with AI advocates, they have a dogmatic viewpoint which they hide behind and wave their hands when practical everyday questions are asked of them.