TWIG 769: Keeping Up With the Kevorkians

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The argument between Leo and Ed was hilarious. I think in this regard I agree with Leo. Ed wasn’t wrong on the whole but he got a little too ahead of himself.

But on a technical point the same machine learning algorithms that do protein folding, or figure out the chemical composition of various crystals, don’t need Chatgpt and training on the entire Internet or reddit comments. These AI’s are trained on selective data sets. So Ed has a point by asking the question of whether the hype for Chatgpt being your super intelligent girlfriend is justified.

Thanks Leo and Jeff, after this weeks TWiG, hands up everyone who had the Gilligan’s Island opener stuck in their heads. Both hands up if you remembered all the words :hugs:

I thought Ed brought a lot to the conversation this week and spoke a lot of sense. I hope he comes back, he earthed the conversation, in my opinion

The other things I learnt from this weeks show weee how to pronounce &@€; #%$£¥|~< and @& »;head :nerd_face: