TWIG 750: The Right to Read

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@Leo if the companies behind the AI LLMs have the right to read everything, who is going to pay the creators, when people use the AI instead of going to the creators? Especially journalists? They are already a rare commodity, these days, with more and more people bypassing news sources and going to AI, they will have even less incentive to report & the agencies they work for will probably fold.

If the news agencies fold, where are AIs going to get their source material from in the future?

A second thought, you release TWiT content under creative commons, that means that if an AI LLM uses TWiT content as training data, the companies cannot use that LLM dataset to service paying customers, as that would break the Creative Commons rights. How will they differentiate from the millions of sites they search, whether the information is public domain, licensed or creative commons, among a small selection of many?

The right to read is interesting, but it doesn’t give me the right to walk into a bookstore every day, take a book off the shelves and read it from cover to cover, then leave the shop without paying for the book. Some shops do allow people to do that, to a limited degree, but you generally can’t do that from opening time to closing time, every day (which is essentially what AI is doing).

Copyright might be a blunt tool, but it is the only one that is available to make the AI companies sit up and listen at the moment.

AI companies are currently parasites devouring their hosts without a thought about their long term sustainability. They need to become symbiotic with their hosts, ensuring that their sources of information don’t dry up, because they have “eaten” them out of existence.


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