TWIG 733: Go, Cathy, Go!

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Well, honestly, every show cant be a gem. Jason said from the begining that he was in on short notice and didnt have time to prepare. The topic of the show became “listen to Cathy rant!!” , rather than discussing what she was ranting about. And Jeff was uncharacteristically silent.
At that point i turned the show off. Maybe the 2nd half was better.
Still, I love hearing from Cathy, Jeff, Ant, and Jason and have nothing against them.
In 25 years as an airline pilot, i made a few pretty hard landings. “They all cant be gems” we used to say. And so the same with podcasts…they all cant be gems.
I can only say that i was embarrassed for cathy tho…here she is…an esteemed supreme court lawyer trying to make a point, and the response was “I have no idea what you’re talking about, but i like your enthusiasm.” The supreme court is not about enthusiasm, its about the law, and building a your case base on facts and precedence.
Everyone gets a mulligan in my book, I was just disappointed, thats all.


My apologies. I had to bail at the last minute. Cathy is amazing and the perfect person to dissect the DOJ vs Google case. I can’t wait to listen.

Things will be back to normal tomorrow.

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She was absolutely brilliant. It was a great show.

I respect your feedback. :fist_right:t5: