TWIG 689: Rusticated and Rectified

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Put your seatbelts on for this one. :laughing:


It’s a wonderful life used to be in the public domain, but through a series of events is not anymore. Here is a good video on that.

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I have a strong feeling that @Leo wasn’t listening to @JeffJarvis about the journalistic Mastodon instance.

I thought Jeff was saying that Adam Davidson was only letting in verified journalists (hence the checking) and that it would therefore be a journalists’ Mastodon instance. That might mean, one day, that it is well enough known that everyone knows that if you come from that instance, you are a journalist.

There are similar instances, such as for cyber (information) security professionals, where they can talk among themselves & they are a community out of the infosec sphere. AFAIK, at the moment, they are not checking credentials, but people assume that the people on there are in infosec and if you know that that is the definitive home for cybersecurity, you know that the Gossi The Dog or the Graham Cluely, Alyssa Miller or Lisa Forte etc. on there are the real ones who work in cybersecurity and when they are talking, you know that you can trust what they are saying.

The members can, in addition, rel=me to their own websites, if they wish and get Mastodon certification. But for the vast majority of people on the net who don’t have a “home” on the internet, where they can do that, it is difficult. But if certain instances can gain a reputation for certain communities, I think that could help going forward.

They are still federated and people can choose not to join them, if they don’t want to, but then they have to somehow get their own instances reputation known.

I do agree with Leo, that it is trying to centralize in a way the de-centralized concept of the fedaverse, but I also see it as a positive move for building a community of like minded individuals, who share a common cause and being a go-to place to find their official accounts, whether they are Mastodon verified or not.

This is no different to being the home of TWiT enthusiasts, or mainly so. Leo checks who is coming in and allows them in or not, Adam is doing the same, but making additional verifications to ensure that those who are applying are real (accredited?) journalists. Leo could restrict to people who could recite verbatim segments from 3 different TWiT shows, to prove they were fans, if he wanted, then claim that is the real home of TWiT fans. This is what I see this journalistic instance doing.

You know, for once, I’ve actually come don on Jeff’s side of the argument! :smiley:


Are you feeling ok sir? Do we need to send a doctor? Lol!!!

Yeah I tried to chime in with an analogy of Queen Pruitt (not) knowing how to rel = me if she bought a domain.


No kidding! Came here to leave that comment. :smiley: TWITTERBRAIN! , the long sought-after response to MORAL PANIC!