TWIG 669: Mommy Made Me Match My M&Ms

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Chapter markers would be a nice addition to TWIG, as they would allow those of us not interested in the book club or high fashion to skip to tech news and discussion.

//edit: Sorry, I was a bit grumpy earlier and it got the best of me. Chapter marks would be a nice addition though (for all twit shows for that matter) :+1:


The perfect intersection of Stacey’s jams: the Star Trek: Voyager episodes where Janeway plays her period romance holonovels. :grin:

I’ve had several iterations of smart speakers. My wife and I received an Amazon and a Google take on the idea, and we used it for a time.

We only asked it to set a timer, recite the weather, and once in a blue moon play a podcast or speak the news.

The moment Alexa started telling me new features after every command, I got so infuriated that I unplugged it. The only time someone is using this product is when they are too busy with other things to just pull out their phone and accomplish the same task. When I’m busy I don’t want to hear an ad for “planning my day.” I’m juggling two or three pots on the stove and need a tool to just do its job.

The question isn’t “what do you use these for?” The question is “what would you do if these speakers weren’t there?” And since that answer was very simple for me (I’d just push a button on my stove to set the time and not get an ad messing with my concentration) there was no point in using a device that definitely introduces some risks to your privacy.

The fact that so many of those respondents have such misplaced faith in the security and privacy of these devices is unsettling. I wouldn’t set up another set of smart speakers unless the firmware were open source, so that I knew exactly how and for what purpose it phoned home, and exactly when it was recording.

You might say “who cares about your audio” but you can say the same thing about your individualized data on the web. There certainly wouldn’t be anyone collecting and selling it to the highest bidder, right? And there certainly couldn’t be any real-life consequences for any woman in America right? Oh, wait…


Since there is a plethora of material, who will be the host for the new TWIT show, TWIEM (This Week in Elon Musk)? Would probably be able to cut TWIG run time in half if you just move the Elon news to its own show!

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