TWIG 638: Princess Floppy Wrists

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The discussion around the 5% for thirty years contract and around student debt sparked a though when I was listening live. Could it ever happen that a university gives the education for free, under the understanding that they get a scaled percentage of the graduate’s income for a period of time. If a over-achieving graduate goes on to make millions as a CEO, the university could take a nice cut that could pay for all the “average-achievers” who just go on to get a decent working income. Such a system would certainly incentivize universities to teach the skills that make wealthy graduates.

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Germany sort of does that. You pay a small fee per semester, but the universities are funded through income tax.

My daughter is studying at the moment, she has to pay a 50€ administration fee per semester. If she goes over-long on her studies (requires additional semesters or years of study beyond the normal end of the degree course) or she does a second degree, the cost is 500€ per semester.

Obviously rent, living costs and course materials come on top of that, but the actual studying is more or less free.

That also goes for students from other EU countries and from outside the EU. I know a few Americans that have studied/are studying in Germany.