TWIG 631: Mr. Goxx

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a note about dark sky weather - it is still in the apple app store but it is feature-capped. it is now slowly leaking into the standard apple weather app.

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…and for Android folks the API is still used by various weather apps. I use Appy Weather. Note…

‘Support for the Dark Sky API service for existing customers will continue until the end of 2022. The iOS app and Dark Sky website will also be available until the end of 2022.’

@ant_pruitt convinced me to get an abs roller :roll_eyes::slightly_smiling_face:


pretty generous of them

I set up a phone for my 80+yo dad probably six or seven years ago so he could more easily call me and my siblings, do video chats, listen to music and podcasts and audiobooks, get directions, etc. It was a lovely Lumia 920, whose infinitely scrolling home screen, variable size live tiles, and deep links meant I could essentially make giant buttons for all of this stuff. “Dad, just tap on my picture to call me. Tap on this picture to play this album. You can ask Cortana for directions; etc.”. I added him to our phone plan. I loaded up his entire collection of music and bought him a bunch of audiobooks. I sent him wireless charging stands in the bedroom, living room, kitchen-- all the places he might put it down.

Turns out his primary use case was just showing it to people to illustrate how wonderful I was for getting and setting this thing up for him. He continued calling me from his flip phone. You can lead a horse to water, I guess…


Hahahahaha! Gravity ain’t no joke. Good luck :fist_right:t4:

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WOW. Sounds like something my dad would have done, too :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: