TWIG 620: Big Swinging Branson

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The word is “Flugscham”, at least in German. “Flight shame”. Came from Sweden, " flygskam" Flight shame - Wikipedia

Also, outlawing domestic flights is not that outlandish in Germany as it may seem to a US citizen. Remember that Germany is smaller than California or Texas, geographically. Imagine California with a more or less efficient high speed train system and public transport to just about every cattle ranch. If banning domestic flights could work, then in such a country. Yes, might be a pain - no, far from impossible. But who ever said that making a change on polluting less would be equally or even more convenient?

For the US that would not work - perfectly acceptable. At least as long as Elon does not get his pipes in the ground and makes good on the Hyperloop promises. However, building that infrastructure might make flying look green in comparison.

Excellent hosting by Jeff this show! It’s great to have him be the balanced, responsible kid in the classroom so that he doesn’t overshoot so much. :wink: Kidding aside: I have gathered some anecdotal evidence from this episode how much Jeff can be balanced and might sometimes act more pronounced for show. (And since Leo is great at poking him… )

Thanks guys - great show!


Here’s the story by @ant_pruitt about the mini-plane from TechRepublic


THANKS for sharing and listening :fist_right:t5:


I agree totally. Killing the planet has come about by making some things “too easy”.

A “day trip” to Munich is something I’ve had to do a couple of times, get the early morning flight down, sit in a meeting for a couple of hours, socialize at lunch and fly back in the late afternoon. Those trips weren’t really essential, but cheap and face-to-face is still better than an online meeting. I hated doing it, a long day wasted for 2-3 hours of face-to-face.

Other times, we were there for a couple of days for an exhibition. We had a stand and we met a lot of potential customers we never would have reached otherwise. And, there, although we traveled the same distance, it was much more justifiable, as we spent over 24 business hours meeting with other people, for around 3 hours of flights.

Also, from here, it is an hours drive to the airport, the kicking your heels waiting for security (“please allow 2 hours for the check-in process”), 1.5 hours flight, then, from the airport in Munich, around 10 - 15 minutes to walk to the train station (depending on which terminal you arrive at), 30 minutes into town. And, of course, the same going back. So you are nearly 10 hours “on the move”, in total for that 3 hour plane journey. You can, maybe, knock off 2 hours for the security checks, if it is a quiet day, but how do you know, before you arrive?

Compared to 6 hours with the train (I live a couple of hours south of Hamburg). In my case, a 15 minute walk to the train station and 2 changes to get to Munich.

So, the “day-trip” takes about 2 hours longer than by air, in total. But when you look at “1.5 hours each way” for the plane and “6 hours each way” for the train, it feels much easier to fly than take the train, even if there is no big time saving, once you take the whole trip into account. (Flying is cheaper, though.)

But, if you know that you are going to be travelling for 8 - 12 hours, you might think twice about making a day-trip out of something that could be done in an online meeting, or turning it into a multi-day trip to meet with several customers/partners.

As to journey times, my record, Munich - Hannover is 4.5 hours by bike and Munich - Osnabrück 6 hours by car. Although I expect these days, with the number of roadworks on the network, that that is no longer realistic, there are also many more speed limit restrictions in place than there used to be.

There is also talk of a blanket 120km/h speed limit on the motorway, no more limit free sections of the Autobahn. Given the increased congestion and the number of lorries on the roads these days, that would probably not be such a bad idea from a safety point of view… But just try telling the drivers used to driving 200+ that they need to apply some restraint, for the common good.


This is such great information. Interesting.


I’m impressed. I wasn’t sure how well Jeff Jarvis would do hosting TWIG, especially without Leo as his “foil”, But Jeff did a really Great job! He was entertaining, energetic, organized. Plus he brought out content from Stacey about her smart home, a particular interest of mine (smart home, that is, not just Stacey’s smart home), which I really appreciated. Clearly I had underestimated Jeff’s talents.


Now we know why the man has a 5 mile long lower third.

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