TWIG 745: Livvy Rizzed Up Baby Gronk

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Great show! TBH, I had some reserve about Paris at the very beginning…mostly bc she is a gamer, and I was afraid we would be going down the “gaming” rabbit hole too often. (i wont post my thoughts about gamers, but needles to say, its not positive).
Fears were quickly laid to rest, as Paris is a great journalist with great observations about whats going on in the world and the tech world. She fits in fantastically, and Im very pleased.
This is the only Twit show that i never miss, bc its not a techy show perse… Jeff and Paris are journalists 1st, who cover the tech beat. And in fact, Jeff covers the media beat, really.
The real de facto name of this show IMHO, is “This Week in Media” And that I find really interesting and informative.
As ive said a million times already…im not a techy. Im a tech user, and a small business owner. I wish there were more tech tv shows that catered to ppl like me…ppl who want to know whats going on in the tech and media worlds…but really dont care about the latest and greatest in hardware and software. I feel like there must be a lot more ppl like me out there, who have interest in tech and media, but dont live and breathe it 24/7, like some ppl do.