TWIG 585: Suggestive Uses for Whipped Cream

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It’s unfortunate that Google Photos won’t be free anymore but it was bound to happen eventually. Google’s release says that Pixel users will at least get high-quality uploads free.


To say this nicely, cutting out in the middle of the Google change log, in This Week in GOOGLE, to…

Give praise to Apple (biting my tongue to stay pg13)…

Was completely unacceptable.!!!

I know your network is full of CrApple fan boys, but this show is NOT about Apple.

I love Google.
I HATE Apple.

If you want to retain me as a listen, please refrain from corrupting your GOOGLE show with your blind, Crapple sh-----… CRAP!

Thx for your feedback. Thx for listening each week. :tumbler_glass:

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No, future Pixel phones aren’t exempt from Google Photos’ money grab
Sad trombone :trumpet:

Also saddened by the loss of Free Google Photo’s and no goodies thrown in for the Gsuite/Workspace users who are already paying for access to Google Services. :frowning:

The press release didn’t specify that they reached out to a google PR rep as they say in the article.

I hate to break it to you, but this show is SELDOM about Google at all, so…