TWIG 582: Hipster Antitrust

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Love this show! Leo and Jeff talked about 23andMe and other programs on genetics. They did NOT mention one I joined. Under the Obama Admin. NIH began the AllofUS program - They call it “precision medicine”. They want to have many millions of participants, and (in pre-covid times) took samples to do a COMPLETE genetic analysis for people who sign-on. When they analyze my sample, they will provide me the results and this will be the full analysis possible under current science at the time.
This is free. You do agree to let NIH have access to your medical data and they assure they have privacy protections but as we all know nothing is 100%. There is no guarantee when they will get around to analyzing samples they collect. This is a very long term study designed to improve medicine for everyone.
I want to let Leo and Jeff and others know about this FREE option.


Where’s the democrat antitrust report?

I know, I always harp on about GDPR, but…

@gigastacey said that GDPR would get in the way of transferring information from one service to another. That is not strictly true.

Yes, Facebook & Co. can’t just send / sell the data to a third party. The person(s) identified in the data must first give their permission for the data to be transferred. Without this permission, it would, as Stacey says, be illegal to transfer the data. However, once the permission has been given, they can send it to the named third party. (The third party then has the same restriction, they cannot send/show that data to anyone else, or use it for any purposes other than those defined in the trasfer acceptance.)

It’s here:

The humming made this whole podcast worthwhile. It’s been a while since I laughed like that :slight_smile: :smile:

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Wow! That is so cool. I’ve never heard of it before.

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