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Anyways, little side rant about the “iOS vs Android years of OS update”.
What a lot of people don’t realize is that iOS is far more reliant on OS updates than Android. Without OS updates, you receive almost nothing on iOS. Any tiny bug in core apps like iMessage for example requires an OS update. Remember when the autocomplete suddenly stopped capitalizing “i”? They had to push out 11.1.1 to fix that bug. If Apple were to stop sending OS updates, that phone would be basically completely frozen in time.

Android on the other hand has worked very hard over the past 2-3 versions decoupling updates from OS releases. Not only almost every single core app updates through the Play Store, but they’ve also started moving features (Digital Wellbeing, Ambient Services, etc) as well as core components (fonts, media codecs, crypto modules, etc) to be updatable by the Play Store with Project Mainline. With all this together, your device can still get 80% of the new patches and features without any OS updates, for years to come. Chrome for example still targets API Level 19, which is Kit Kat from 2013, so in theory, a 2013 Android phone actually has a more secure web browser than the outdated Safari on an equivalent iPhone.

I’m not saying the Android ecosystem is perfect, but Google has done a lot to deal with the fragmentation issue, which was out of their hand since they have to work with dozens of manufacturers. So while you may only get OS updates for 2-3 years, you will keep on getting features, security updates and bug fixes for much much longer.


So, who are your favourite audio book readers?

  • Dietmar Wunder
  • Tobias Kluckert
  • Simon Jäger
  • Achim Höppner
  • Gabrielle Blum
  • Sabine Godec
  • Scott Brick
  • L J Ganser
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I have tried getting into audio books several times over the years. They just never did it for me. I prefer to read the book myself.

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I read books in bed, but I listen to books when walking the dog or commuting, it is a little hard trying to drive the car and read at the same time :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I can understand that, but some of the readers are really good.

Dietmar Wunder is the voice of Daniel Craig, among others in Germany and Tobias Kluckert does lots of voices.

I find them really interesting. Dietmar Wunder’s reading of the Millenium Trilogy is one of my favourites and Simon Jäger really brings Der Herr der Ringe (Lord of the Rings) to life.

It is interesting, now that I hear a lot of audio books, when I watch TV, I can often pick out who is providing the voice for a character in a show, for example, Dietmar Wunder provides the voice of Omar Epps in House and Tobias Kluckert is the voice of Karl Urban in “the Boys” and Nathan Fillion.

I usually listen to my ipod, Sirius XM (sattelite radio) or Leo’s podcasts when I am in the car.

I tried an audio book a couple of decades back on a road trip. It was “okay,” but just not my thing.

I listened to The Expanse series on Audible and the narrator, Jefferson Mays, was so good that I sought out another series (The Circuit) just because he was reading it. Luckily it turned out to be a good series as well.


Yes, I’ve done this with some of the authors I mentioned. Their readings are so good, or their voices so comforting that I’ve gone out and searched for their readings, regardless of the author.

Sure about that?

Well not from you, @P_J but anyone else. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: