TWIG 536: Every Jot and Tittle

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I had to create an account just to agree with Jeff!

Google Cloud Print is an essential, and I have no idea how I am going to live without it.

The friction-less setup is amazing, you buy a printer, press the cloud button, out pops a barcode to scan, open the camera on your phone and scan it and the printer is connected to your google account, ready to print from everywhere you have logged into that account.

All my windows systems are setup to print to all my printers via google cloud (as long as chrome is installed and you are signed in they appear as system printers)… Canon have been including it for years, and for older printers I have them connected to a Raspberry Pi, running chromium in cloud print mode, to enable printing to all of those as well.

I have no idea how I’m going to replace all that infrastructure if it really dissapears!


Yes, I am not very happy about this discontinuation either.

Hi Sam!

I thought the same, had Google Cloud Print enabled on all my printers. But then I thought about it, I rarely use either Google or HP/Canon remote printing via their clouds, so turned it off.

Android, Macs and Windows all work. Not quite sure how the default print service on Android is doing that, WiFi direct?

The way to rule in/out Wifi direct… try it whilst away from home/work.
It’ll only work whilst in close proximity if its Wifi direct.

I’m pretty sure my Canon Pixma (which is the main Printer I use at home) doesn’t have WiFi direct, its either Cloud Print or connected directly with a cable. I need to see if there’s a Canon print app although I don’t think there is. there’s a scanning one, but i’m nearly sure all printing is via Cloud Print!

One of mine is a PIXMA. All manufacturer and Google Cloud options are disabled. This is what I see from Android. Only AirPrint is turned on for iOS. I’ll try a remote print later when I’m out, pretty sure it won’t work though (it didn’t!)

Some info on Canon’s print app

Jeff…It sounds like you have a Epson Printer. If so Epson has a Android app “EpsoniPrint” that lets you print from anywhere. Most of their devices are supported.


See second definition, the adjective, for the word Stacey is pronouncing correctly.

This is the word Leo was thinking of.

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I’ve not actually printed anything besides concert tickets and an annual physical in over two years. So I’ve maybe printed a handful of times in the last two years. In fact the last time I printed my printer wouldn’t print off the document correctly. Printed three pages of empty boxes. Uploaded it to UPS print and just payed I think it was a dollar for the two pages I needed to be printed. As little as I print I’ll probably print my anual physical off the same way.

I found Leo’s audio much quieter than the others on this episode. Either I had to have Stacey and Jeff uncomfortably loud to hear Leo, or have them at a comfortable level and Leo inaudible. Maybe it was just my listening conditions.

Edit: at some point Leo’s audio level definitely increased to match the others better. I’m kicking myself for not noticing at what point it improved, so I’ll just have to guess it was low for me over the first 15-20 minutes.

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Instead of printing event tickets just take a screenshot on your phone, then you’re not dependent on data at the gate.

Ah yes, a word borrowed from French, the é makes such words end with the “ay” sound.

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