TWIG 563: ...But Enough About My Vasectomy

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I’ve been pleased in recent episodes that you’ve actually been trying to cover more Google news on TWiG, and I applaud and laugh when @gigastacey tries to steer things that way.

You mention that Google+ is dying - and then all of you laugh and joke that you thought it was already dead. This is revealing, and shows a real lack of understanding of Google’s offerings.

I use Google+ multiple times every day, as do all my colleagues. Everyone in the 1000-employee company I work at use it all the time. This will be the same for any company that has adopted the G-suite platform - and there’s an awful lot of those. Obviously G+ failed to be a Facebook rival, however within organisations such as mine, it has worked really well.

I love the show - I love the contributors - please keep up the good work BUT Google is an enormous and very interesting company, with lots going on all the time, it should be easy to talk about, even if its not actually making headlines this particular week.

Keep up the good work anyway,


There are very very few hosts/co-hosts on this channel that understand the enterprise. This is why they don’t get the Google+ still being used.
The lack of enterprise discussion and knowledge shows in all but This Week in Enterprise…

Also it is nice to see a talk back to Google these days