TV Show: The Crown (Netflix)

Anyone here watching The Crown (Netflix)?
It has been pretty good so far, and one of thing I kinda not like seeing, even though it is understandable, is that everyone is smoking all the time. :nauseated_face::scream:

Straight away, within the first few episode, the King died of lung cancer, King’s mother or the Queen’s grandmother has lung disease.

Of course the air in London has always been bad, especially during that period where coal power is basically the only source for generating power.

Some years ago, where I regularly travelled to London, and the air quality there was terrible. Every night I arrived home, and cleaned up, my nose would have collected some black stuff from the air, pretty gross.

It does makes one wonder why there are so many still not taking air pollution seriously, and also about the effect of climate change. :angry:

Pollution and global warming are 2 different things. Yes, pollution is bad. Air quality is a lot better in many places than it was years ago. But, there is a lot we can do to make it better. Pollution that goes into waterways and the ocean is just really horrendous.

But global warming - There have been 2 scandals already of scientists “cooking the books” so to speak - going back and adjusting past years of temps to make it appear that the temp is going up. It is inconvenient for the mainstream media to report that - or to report it for long… Both times, you really only saw stories on it for a week or 2, and then the topic disappeared. And, it’s not brought up again.

But, I remember when it happened…

Also - these disastrous predictions of “X” number of degree rises within “X” number of years - have not taken place. In the 70s and 80s, we were told of disatrous rises within 10, 20, 30 years. None of that came true.

They count on people’s fear, and project things out - and when they are wrong, no one will remember they are wrong. Now, the projections of doom start at 2100… But up to now, they haven’t been right yet.

Is pollution bad? Yes. Do I want less pollution? Yes. I’m not buying global warming.

For every story I see about ice melting, I see one of ice increasing somewhere… But you don’t see those stories easily…

Truth is - we don’t know. But forming a “global tax” does nothing to stop global warming. It wrecks the economy, and just vastly increases government control over our lives.

IF one truly believes in pollution and global warming - go after the worst offenders first. The USA is not perfect, but we probably pollute less than most other countries. There have been MANY changes here over the years… More so than anywhere else… Go look at India, China, and many other places before you demonize your own country.

Just my 2 cents…

I will admit, I am not here to debate this topic. Probably, none of us are. I do not plan to bring it up again. But, I have seen the topic come up here in the forum a few times. And, I have bit my tongue up to now…

The world was a different place before the 1970’s. People smoked everywhere, and fairly constantly. Imagine a flight on an airplane with 25% of the passengers smoking.
Another really good eye- opener of the time was a picnic scene in the TV series Mad Men. The family literally lifted the garbage covered blanket, shook it off, and left. That was pretty normal.
As for air pollution, flying into LAX back then was quite a trip. The brown haze covered the whole area most days.

Despite the two number-fudging incidents you mentioned (which did happen), the overwhelming scientific evidence is that human-caused climate change is real.

Like you said, not here to debate, but since you did present an opinion (which you are entitled to), I thought someone here should present what the science says.

PS – Since the original thread was about The Crown, just wanted to add it’s one of my favorite shows. Just finished Season 3…love it.


I remember stories a few years ago of bureaucrats in the US government going back and adjusting the numbers too… To accomplish the same thing… To make it look like we are getting hotter. Sorry, if you do that multiple times, you cannot be believed…

I would say, in that case, one could take a look at what the scientific evidence says, minus any contribution from US scientists or the US government. (Climate change has been researched by scientists from all over the world, not just the US.) Just a thought.

True. But it wasn’t just the US cooking the books. Scientists in Europe got caught doing it too… (it was in the news) That’s my point.

By the way, what prompt me to mentioned about air pollution and climate change was that, in the first few episodes of The Crown (Season 1), the story involved the Great Smog of London in 1952.

I watched the first season and really enjoyed it. I keep meaning to get back to it and just haven’t yet. I really need to do so!

It is very well done, and I’m just finishing up season one. I am not much learned regarding the history of Britain, but I find many topics portrayed in the show, reflect the current issues we have today, such as STEM, where women were not encouraged to learn about science and mathematics.
Additionally, how the institution, such as government needs to be efficient and effective, and the leadership needs to be dignified.
Individuality is certainly welcome, yet the office/institute needs to be respected.
What a nice TV production that I have not seen for a long time. Bravo to Netflix and the creative team. :clap::clap:

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