TTG 1846 for Sunday 21 November 2021

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The Tech Guy Labs page for this episode: Episode 1846 | The Tech Guy

Great show! I have to say that TTG is really an easily overlooked gem in the network. It’s so complex and will be expensive to produce, but it has this “solid as a rock” feel in terms of quality and structure. Every single recurring expert - and even some of the recurring callers - deliver great and interesting contributions. Everything and everyone is on topic and has their own role, style, and substructure within their segment. Lovely!

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Wow! Thank you! It’s probably the show with the largest audience. Especially when you include the radio audience.

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For sure! Also with the most “normal” audience, I suppose.

Coming from the podcast side of TWiT and then increasingly discovering TTG, however, really made it feel like … the hidden (and sizable) gem. What might make it more easily overlooked is that, counterintuitively, there’s more material per week with two weekly shows vs. one (somehow, more material tends to suggest less excitement - “that’s on, too”) and that podcast shows tend to refer to / advertise other podcast shows just like TTG does with “…and the big show, every Sunday!” but less so the other way around. I suppose the idea is to capture radio listeners to also follow the podcasts…

Anyhow… alongside some music, TWiT has really turned into the talk radio soundtrack of my past decade. TTG is just a wonderful balance of mellow, informative, friendly, funny, and versatile.

I really appreciate that. Everybody on the network works very hard to make it seem nice and relaxed. I’m glad it’s working!!